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Berlin Kitchen Sessions


1 - Enter Lyrics Listen
2 - An Island Lyrics Listen
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4 - Hush Lyrics Listen
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6 - Last Song Lyrics Listen
7 - Wonder Lyrics Listen
8 - Intermezzo Lyrics Listen
9 - When You Were Young Lyrics Listen
10 - One Moment Lyrics Listen
11 - A Smile Lyrics Listen
12 - Leave Lyrics Listen

This is not a polished high-quality music release. And not supposed to be.

It's less an album than a social topography of a place I love. A story told between the lines and behind the music, not so much by the songs but by the rooms that resonate around them.

The songs, old, new and almost forgotten ones, were played on a ukulele, a bandola, an acoustic guitar and recorded In May 2011 with a zoom h2 recording device placed onto shelves or stoves or sinks. They are acoustic single track recordings with no subsequent editing that would go beyond amplifying and compressing (and cutting out a major mistake once or twice).

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