on Berlin Kitchen Sessions



What a wonder to be breathing, what a gift to be free. we have pondered what we're believing and it divides you from me. go and find your salvation in worship and prayer, but the day you reach heaven don't look for me there. go and give all you have for the One above but I'd still like to ask you to keep, just keep my love...

What a wonder that your mind is like a mirror to mine. there's bond there, sealed with kindness, but it isn't divine. so you're heading straight on to the Promised Land but with every step taken you slip from my hand. will you send me a postcard when you've made it there? I might be out of reach but I do, I do still care.

You have asked me to keep my heart open and soft, but I'd like to say you'll be the last one it loved. I have asked you to call me when you change your mind, if the Lord ever dumps you, you'll know where to find me.

What a wonder to have known you, to have earned me your trust. I still ponder 'bout what we go through... it is hard, but we must, we must, we must...