An Island

on Berlin Kitchen Sessions



I live on an island in the sea, a vast blue ocean surrounding me, and the screaming sea gulls are my only companions. How did I get here? I don't know.. was swept ashore a long time ago and the prying seagulls were the only ones to witness how at first I enjoyed to live by myself, with no responsibilities, no troublesome acquaintances, no social insecurities.... life was fine. Life was all fine.

But with increasing frequency I found myself staring at the sea, wondering if there could be someone out there in the blue. And over me, like a disease, came a longing for all these familiar evils I'd been so glad to abandon. For what is it worth to laugh when no-one cares, to cry when no-one shares the troubles that one bears all alone. 'Cause you're all alone.

So I begin to chop wood and braid ropes out of plants and to cut wood to planks with blistered hands and around the planks I tie the ropes while I sing to myself to raise my hopes. For I know that as much as I know miss the warm and fuzzy kind of bliss caused by the company of other beating hearts. As my raft reaches mainland I'll regret the very moment that instead of splendid isolation I chose this mess again.

It's always the same, tell me: When will I stop to want the opposite of what I want? (x2)
Is this what i want? (x3)