on Berlin Kitchen Sessions



Another day I spend indoors to watch the cracks grow that grace my walls. one day I will lean against and fall right into neighbours garden, you see: it's unavoidable.

I can't stay here, my house is coming down. I will not stay here in a house that's falling apart. Tomorrow I'll move out.

Yesterday it took me three steps from the door straight to my window - today it's only two. yesterday it took me five hours to get a foot out of my front door - today it will not let me through. and I cleaned my shelves to soothe myself, and I sweeped the floor and installed a brandnew lock on my door, and I tried to feel at home... but I failed.

Another night I fall asleep listening to the plaster that is crumbling from my walls. and promising to myself that I will not stay here any longer I say: Tomorrow I'll move out. Tomorrow I'll move out. Tomorrow I'll move out.

But I know I'll stay, I'm too lazy anyway. and I guess it's here that I'll spend another goddamn year. though I tried to feel at home and I failed.