(Temporary biography taken from aaahh records before writing a proper one.)

Far away from the massive and unresting sounds of electric guitars and pounding noises of drums, Singer/Songwriter Julia Kotowski creates a small, intimate and especially silent musical sphere that she fills with notes, lyrics und rhythm. She lets these outcomes ripen slowly. Then, sound tracks are being arranged and ranked in longsome nights and home appliances will be misused for special elements. There is a lot of tinkering and pottering, but little sleep. All this takes place at home, in her bedroom, in front of her computer.

Entertainment For The Braindead is based in the German city of Cologne, where Julia was born and where she grew up and, unlike most young people, she does not feel the urge to leave her home. Thus, she lives with her parents. That at some point she will be leaving Cologne is for sure, but before that day, her home city is the source and the playground for her life – Julia does „audio-visual Media-Studies“ at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne (KHM). Not only during her studies, but also in her spare time, Julia engages in illustrations and a lot of handicrafts. For her first compilation of songs „Hypersomnia“, for instance, she designed the linocut herself. Like her old compilation, her new little handiwork „Hydrophobia“ was recorded with the help of a simple USB-Microphone only. Under the pseudonym „Entertainment for the Braindead“, her second and latest collection of songs, thoughts and cumulative creativity found its way to publication.

To underline her very personal and introverted lyrics musically, Julia has collected, next to her own voice, her acoustic guitar and her ukelele, a whole palette of exceptional instruments, which were found in the kitchen. Thus, peppermills, jars and drawers can be recognized in her songs. But above all these floats her remarkable voice.

Since Julia does not want to constrain herself too much during forthcoming livegigs, she, as a classical one-person-band, will also work with samplers once in a while in the near future. Generally, Julia is very glad that she can finally present her songs live to an audience. In her opinion, music is something that needs to be shared, just like someone who makes mixtapes and hands them on.

Exactly this view on music brought Julia to us, the Netlabels Aaahh-records and Aerotone, on which her second compilation „Hydrophobia“ has been published under a Creative Commons Licence, meaning it is freely available to everyone. „After all, music is not produced to earn money with it, but to have fun“, says Julia – and we agree! But if someone does not only want to listen to the music, but would like to own the whole work of art, then he or she can also buy a CD.