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Songs for the Sleepless - Mountain Session


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A little live session recorded on a mountain in Palm Springs, California, on March 16th 2013.


I wake up facing east, usually a few minutes before the sun begins to bathe the rocks behind me in a scarlet hue. I will get up and stretch my twisted limbs in the first rays of morning. Check my shoes for scorpions. Organize my things. Make the bed, shake the dust off the blanket. Have my breakfast sitting on a rock, now fully golden, with the splendid view across whole Coachella Valley. Then begin to take my house apart.
The first people I greet are hikers coming by and that World War Veteran who drives his wheelchair out to the foot of the mountain every day to watch the morning bloom, and wishes me a good day as I hike down into town.

This is my morning routine, living on this mountain above Palm Springs, California, in a tent hardly big enough to lie down flat next to my backpack.

Meanwhile in the evenings I'll sit on my porch with my friend Tom, sharing campfires and avocados and hearing distant music from the country clubs downtown. Or I'm by myself with my bandola.

And end up recording a few songs that I've written thousands of miles away on that other, colder continent. That are a little fragment of home which I carry along. Which resonates with and from me even here, oceans apart, on the mountain in Palm Springs where I live.


The download package includes a little pdf booklet with photographs from the town.

released 17 March 2013

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