Oh Heisenberg!

on Songs for the Sleepless - Mountain Session



She's a very broken camera
Her lens is out of focus
Is this too close was that too far?
Everything is blurry, patterns merge together
You can't see the lines, only vaguely
Tell black from white, darkness from light

He's a very broken bicycle
His chain is turned and twisted
Wheels crooked and creaky, the brakes of no use
You should wear a helmet or
You will risk an accident
Don't go too fast, don't go too far
Off the beaten path

And I am a Heisenberg particle
Once you've found out where i am
You wont know where I'm going
Being an electron orbiting 'round you
Don't blame me for being so

He's a bulky piece of furniture
Won't fit in the corner or next to the window
Or Behind the door
Anywhere you put him he remains an obstacle,
Blocking the way or just taking up too much space
But too good to be thrown away

And so we all are flawed and worn out and frail
Some keep trying to hide it, but alas, to no avail
we could quit the masquerade, could reveal it openly
Tell me your secret and I will tell you mine
If you can't read between the lines:

That you are my Heisenberg particle
Once I've found out where you are I don't know where you're going
Leaving me here in uncertainty
What can I do but observe
And wait and see
If you'll orbit back to me