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Seven (+1)


1 - Paper Lyrics Listen
2 - Souvenirs Lyrics Listen
3 - It Flew Away Lyrics Listen
4 - Skin Lyrics Listen
5 - Spiders Lyrics Listen
6 - Then It Started Speaking To Me Lyrics Listen
7 - Animals Lyrics Listen
8 - Mi Corazón (Live in Hannover) Lyrics Listen

Seven. Once you start looking for something, you will find it. Everywhere! Seven months ago we released Entertainment For The Braindeads "Hydrophobia" EP. In February we went on tour with Julia (Entertainment For The Braindead). For seven days, of course! We thought it would be nice to have a Tour EP. Seven songs should do. How many CDs should we take with us? Well, seven? Yes, seven! It doesn't make much sense to sell them on tour, so Julia decided to give them away for free. While she was playing her set, people listened closely and wrote their names on a piece of paper and put it in a box. After each show there was one lucky person whose piece of paper got pulled out of the magical box. Seven days in a row. Happy people everywhere.

Well, we thought it would be a shame if only seven people on this planet were privileged to listen to these wonderful songs. So we decided to release her Tour EP as a free download and added an extra song, which is a live recording from Julias show in Hannover. We hope you will enjoy this lovely EP as much as we do. There are quite a few new aspects and sounds on "seven". Some of them may be seen somewhere between "Hypersomnia" and "Hydrophobia", while others give us a glimpse of the future and some might even look back into the past of EFTB. So go now, listen for your self and please enjoy your imaginary journey! But watch out for spiders and little birds, which suddenly may appear in front of you. Animals are everywhere!

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