It Flew Away

on Seven (+1)



Something left me
As the chlorophyll left the leaves
I put my hand on my chest
Just to feel if I still breathe
And yes, it rises slowly as I inhale
But the air tastes stale...

It was still dark this morning when I awoke
From a dream in which I felt I would choke
My neck was swollen, I was gasping for air
Something locked my throat so I gave way to despair

And I coughed, and I retched
And I bent, and I stretched to get this thing out
And suddenly I felt a lump of feathers in my mouth
And a gray little bird came to lie in my palm
Covered in spit but all healthy and calm
And sang me songs 'til sleep came over me
But after my awakening it was nowhere to see
So I must have dreamt
And did it fly away, did it fly away?

But now whenever I have just one moment to rest
I try to hear a hint of beating wings in my chest
For now that the flapping is gone
I realized it I was there all along
And now that I know what was that beat
I know that I will never feel complete again