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1 - Sleep. Lyrics Listen
2 - Home. Lyrics Listen
3 - Cocoon. Lyrics Listen
4 - A Fire. Lyrics Listen
5 - Clouds And Swallows. Lyrics Listen
6 - Ordinary Sunday. Lyrics Listen
7 - Hold-Break. Lyrics Listen
8 - Afternoon. Lyrics Listen
9 - Winter. Lyrics Listen
10 - Ashore. Lyrics Listen
11 - Sleeper. Lyrics Listen
12 - My Pinions. Lyrics Listen
13 - New Year's Eve. Lyrics Listen

hypersomnia is a collection of thirteen unrefined acoustic lo-fi lullabies written and recorded in 2oo7. And now it's all yours! That means.. you can have it, if you like...

You can, for example, purchase a CD that comes with a completely handmade, linoleum printed cover and label - thus each one is somewhat unique. I don't feel like setting a price for the songs, so you can have it for free or pay whatever you think it's worth or invite me for a cup of tea or something... I'd just have to charge approx. 2,50 Euro for package and shipping. (This may vary depending on where you live.)

Or you can simply download the songs here and print your own cover.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your interest and support... and keep in mind that any kind of feedback i always highly appreciated! ;)


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