on Hypersomnia



My city lies sleeping
And breeds in her sleep
As shadows are creeping
Through the streets and lanes;
To the river deep.

While buildings rise,
As others tumble
I can feel her body crumble
She curls up to lick her wound.

My city lies sleeping
And we are her dreams
She's silently weeping
Exhausted, exhausted she seems.

Walk the dark streets seeking shelter
When she's frozen will you melt her?
The sidewalk is wet from ghostly tears.

My city lies sleeping
And slowly, calmly beats her heart
There's no need for weeping
And that's, that's the place to start
And now, now's the time to start!

As clocks are ticking; pulse is speeding
Through the gaping cracks she's bleeding
Time goes by, the morning breaks:
She wakes.