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Raw Timber EP


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This summer, I went into the forest. This is what I took with me: A guitar case including my beloved guitar and a capodaster. A camera tripod. A small digital recording device that fits perfectly onto that tripod. Spare batteries. A camera to take some photos. A bottle of water. I guess you can picture the rest. Find good place to sit on a branch or something. Install recording stuff. Tune guitar. Play and sing along.

Hiding behind sampled loops or complex multitrack arrangements makes things a lot easier, but also bears the risk of forgetting what all this initially was about, so I felt I had to get back to where I started a few years ago, strip some of my songs down to their essentials and use only the most fundamental tools: my guitar and my voice.

I wanted to keep the songs as plain and simple, as authentic and pure as possible, so this time there has been no subsequent editing at all, apart from adjusting the levels a bit. You will hear the strings buzzing at times, or my voice scratch or not reach a note. You will hear cargo trains and airplanes passing by in the distance, wind shaking the leaves and birds singing along. Don't expect a glamorous release. It's not supposed to be a brilliant piece of music. But I'd be delighted if, when you close your eyes, it could make you feel a little bittle like you were in the forest in summer, sitting right next to a humble girl with a guitar.

selfreleased 2009 @

Above I wrote about wanting to keep it personal. Well, another step in trying to do that was preparing a limited edition of fifty numbered CDs with entirely handmade artwork, cut from cardboard, printed on with four different linoleum plates.
For now, I don't plan on a digital release of this one because it's not merely about the music, but also about the full package completing the concept.
But: The music is still being released under a Creative Commons license, meaning that once you have a CD it's completely up to you whether you want to keep it all to yourself or share it with your friends or put it up the internet... I still encourage that.

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