Heaven and Hell

on Postcard #4 - California - Songs for a Soft Heart



you say you believe there is heaven and
hell, claim there`s nothing but truth in
the ancient stories they tell. so I carefully
listen, but cannot agree; there sure is a
beauty, but they don`t make sense to me

you pray, you pray, for what you believe
to be love. you say, you say, there is
mercy that comes from above. and I
quietly swallow my words of dissent, but
pull further away as you`re trying reach
for my hand.

I believe in genetics and physical laws,
trust in my voice of reason and in the
conclusions it draws. and though I try
really hard to see what you see, and
accept what you think, it still doesn`t
make sense to me

and so, and so if that is what you have to
do then go, just go, I won`t be withholding
you. I`m glad I`m glad, I`m happy if this
sets you free as long as long as you don`t
push your views onto me.

we are too far apart, we are too far apart

you say you believe there`s no room for
me here; first you weren`t quite sure but
right now it`s become very clear. I had
hoped there are bridges that still can
connect the land of the faithless with
those who believe but in fact:

we are too far apart