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Thu Apr 21 18:03:29 2011

Hey, i wanted to ask: The download links for the unreleased tracks seem to be broken. could you fix them?

eftb.eu http://eftb.eu/

Sun Apr 24 13:52:04 2011

It's fixed, thanks for the help!

Julia /eftb

Tue Apr 26 01:56:51 2011

Hey guys,
I've been trying to contact you but never got a reply... Would be cool to hear back from you though. Please. I think there's some stuff we should discuss. Is there a way to reach you via e-mail or, even better, skype?


eftb.eu http://eftb.eu/

Wed Apr 27 17:36:16 2011

Yeah we got the mail but from what I can remember it was just about skype right? Thought someone replied to this but maybe no one did, sorry for this. We don't have skype but you're welcome to email us anything you like.


Thu Apr 28 01:58:01 2011

Well, I had already suggested Skype as a conversation medium because it would allow an actual dialogue, but also asked to confirm that the address is in use etc. and because, as I said, I sense we need to talk 'bout some things.

Also I don't even know who I'm addressing, and how many... You're kinda just an anonymous blob. It would be very nice to at least know who I'm talking to, for a start.

Anyway, I'll try again though.

eftb.eu http://eftb.eu/

Thu Apr 28 14:38:24 2011

We kinda think it's not really useful to name us as what's important here is the website, the music, not us.


Mon May 2 01:42:39 2011

Well, I think it'd be kinda useful to name yourselves not neccessarily towards the public but at least towards me. After all it's my stuff you publish here.. you put my pictures here, my music, my soul, without bothering whether I like that or not. You know a hell of a lot about me and I don't even know if you're one or many, that's kinda unbalanced, don't you think?


Mon May 2 11:23:23 2011

Isn't Creative Commons stuff all about *sharing* art?

Vlas Blear Moon

Sun May 8 07:11:18 2011

finally! tabs page!
All ready post What You Get for start.

PS: Julia i hope you not object about that, if yes - tell me and i will stop.



Thu May 19 14:07:44 2011

Julia, is it ok to use your song for a video? I found it here:http://freemusicarchive.org
Your name will be in credits. I can send a link by email.

Your songs are amazing!

Thank you,

Vlas Blear Moon

Tue May 31 20:36:47 2011


I guess better ask by email.

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