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Entertainment For The Braindead


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Sun Jan 30 03:15:05 2011

Hi !
Thank you, and you're right: this kind of treasure just can't disapear from the records.
I discover EFTB last year on freemusicarchive and I immediately love the peace and the serenity in the songs.
They diserve better popularity.
Maybe with on jamendo, they will...

Can I join you (the webmaster) by mail ? I have something to ask you ?
My email:

Thank you and very good work !

entertainment for the blue mountains

Sun Jan 30 03:16:13 2011

Hi there, glad you came say hi, btw i emailed you. Thanks.


Sun Jan 30 12:02:59 2011

Thank you for taking the time and energy to put this site together - There were some releases I'd not heard before. I love this artist so much! I discovered EFTB through LastFM. I hope that she continues to create music and art and that she finds the happiness and peace through doing so that I've received in listening :)


Mon Feb 3 21:30:29 2014

Beautiful and very emotive music.

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